You've worked too hard in your business to let it get lost in the crowd.

Use smarter online marketing strategies that actually grow your business.

When it comes to marketing for your business have you ever felt:

  • Unseen, and lost in the crowd of other competing professionals?
  • Not sure where or how to start with your social media or content marketing?
  • Don’t have the time to keep up with marketing strategies that change all the time?
  • Frustrated with information overload, unsure of how to market your business online?
  • Feel like you are posting to your social media with no new leads?

At MomentumUp Marketing, we believe you’ve worked too hard in your business to get lost in the crowd. We know that you have a message to share that is unique and valuable, and don’t want to let it disappear among your competitors.

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  1. Discover

    We’ll learn about what makes your business unique and get clear on your goals for growth.

  2. Strategize

    We’ll determine where your customers are, their problems, and how your business guides them to success with you.

  3. Execute

    It’s go time! Your communication is consistent and intentional on social media and email, and your audience is engaged.

  4. Celebrate

    Watch the momentum in your business grow!

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Work with Amanda

Amanda Kuchlenz, Momentum Up MarketingDo you know how many customers you are losing because you are not marketing your brand online? What about missed opportunities and sales because your current customers don’t know about all the services you offer?We get it, business is competitive, especially when it comes to finding the time to do your work and pull in new clients all at the same time. If you’ve ever Googled how to make a marketing plan for your business, you’d find an unlimited amount of strategies.

Possibly, you’ve bought a few online courses to learn how to plan your marketing yourself. But then end up implementing none of it because you feel overwhelmed and unsure of the best method for your business.

I’ve got news for you. You are missing out on sales because your business can’t be found online and your audience has forgotten about you!

Here’s what you need to know about growing your business in today’s day and age. Your business must be online with a website, using social media, and regularly communicating with your customers if you want to grow.

I can assure you that there are online marketing strategies that will ACTUALLY work for your business. All that is required is a clear and focused plan that fits your style and your business’ industry.

At MomentumUp Marketing, we come alongside you and your business and create an online marketing plan that is unique and fits your goals. We use creative and modern strategies that align with your unique business, allowing you to provide extraordinary value to your clients and leads that will get your business noticed.

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Organic Essentials


Our Organic essentials package will keep your online marketing momentum rolling – getting you more traffic, followers, subscribers, and sales. Consistency is key, and we ensure that your strategy is implemented in a meaningful and creative way. This is a purely Organic (meaning no paid advertising) strategy and management package. Up to four platforms.

Momentum Service


You’re feeling the momentum building in your business and ready to take it up a notch, scaling fast with big goals and sales marks to hit. You’re ready to dive into paid advertising, with a minimum $500/month ads budget.

Executive Service


Your business is ready to leap into full-on growth mode! This package includes all services possible in a comprehensive content marketing plan. This is for businesses that are serious about taking their online marketing strategy, and have an ads budget of at least $1,000/month.

À la carte Services

We have many clients that want to incorporate so much more into their marketing mix. For those interested in adding services, please contact us and we’ll let you know how and when we can get it done! Some services include:

  • Facebook and Instagram Paid Advertising Campaign
  • Lead Generator Funnels
  • E-book, Video Courses, document design
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Funnels and Landing Pages
  • Product or Course Launch Support
  • Branding and Website Consulting

Let’s Get Started

Not sure where to begin? We will help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to maintain a focus on your business’ marketing plan. Our goal is to come up with a Social Media plan that works for your unique business, prioritizing based on your needs. Contact us now for a free 30-minute consultation.

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More About MomentumUp Marketing

How Can I Help You?

Do you have an existing client base? Or, are you just getting your name out there? MomentumUp can help you develop a plan to be heard through Social Media, and share information that is true to your own personal style or brand. It doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming, we simplify and organize for you.

Do you have a website, social media accounts, a blog, and an email list? Are they updated regularly? MomentumUp takes the unique qualities and benefits of each of these online marketing avenues and optimizes them for your business’ needs.

About Me

Amanda Kuchlenz, Momentum Up MarketingHi, my name is Amanda, and I am an entrepreneur just like you! I love growing my business, and helping others improve and expand their businesses as well. It’s exciting to be a part of someone’s BIG dream!

One of my really BIG dreams has always been to have my own business, which is why I began MomentumUp Marketing. I admire the process, creativity, and drive that every successful business owner has, and aim to embody that in my own endeavors.

At home, I’m a wife and mother of two. We live a fun and exciting life, with school activities as well as sports and coaching; I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a passion for almost anything outdoors. If you don’t find me working on building my business, I’m likely out running on the mountain trails in my area or caring for the retired horses on my property.

Professionally, I have a background in Marketing and have a degree in Business Management from the University of Oregon. I have extensive experience working in business-to-business services, as well as serving clients in a variety of wellness industries.

My desire is to constantly listen and learn, both professionally and personally. I am motivated to see your business grow, and thrive, utilizing all the available tools online to do that! I would love to hear about you and your business, learn about your challenges, and see where I can support you so that you can see real results in your marketing efforts.

I’m accessible by Facebook, Instagram (My personal favorite), LinkedIn, and email. I’d love to meet you through any of these avenues!

  • Amanda and MomentumUp Marketing is awesome! Super knowledgeable about social marketing especially. She isn’t afraid to do research and look for more opportunities to grow and build a brand. Her knowledge, passion and desire to help grow and build my business has allowed me to breathe much easier. I am less anxious about having to do and figure everything out myself.
    Women's Athletic Apparel Shop Owner
  • Amanda is very talented. She doesn't just post to social media. She understands the strategy behind what she is posting. Plus, she is able to track and monitor the engagement and provide a summary with recommendations. She is trustworthy, hard working and conscious of the impact her services have on my business.
    Rhonda Noordyk
    Financial Services Provider for Women
  • Kasey Perry-Glass Testimonial
    Amanda has been instrumental in managing my sponsors and social media accounts. She’s given me the confidence in presenting myself in a professional way, and keep me organized and able to communicate with sponsors, media, and clients quickly. Amanda has effectively freed up much of my office time so that I can spend it in the barn working with my horses.
    Kasey Perry-Glass
    US Dressage Team Olympian and Trainer
  • Matt Bowden Testimonial
    Amanda was great to work with. She was instrumental in all our marketing efforts - tradeshows, website, collateral material and delivering webinars that drove traffic and prospects to our company. She is a hard worker and has a great attitude. Any company would be lucky to have her.
    Matt Bowden
  • Bobbie Daniels Testimonial
    Talk about a doer. Amanda never missed a deadline - she not only was detail oriented but was able to manage multiple projects at once. She served her internal customers with a positive attitude and was always available to help on projects, even ones outside her scope. I highly recommend Amanda as an excellent addition to your organization.
    Barbara “Bobbie” Daniels
    Vice President Operations
  • David Dickson Testimonial
    I've worked with Amanda for a 3yr period, she continually was able to prove herself to be a strong marketing programs leader. She was able to quickly adapt and master a growing breadth of experiences across the various aspects of a marketing cycle. Amanda has a tremendous work ethic and commitment to the task at hand. She delegates well, manages well across multiple projects, and works well with others - always an eye towards achieving the project's goal.
    David Dickson
    SVP, Product Management-Global Fulfillment Platform
  • Deborah Brown Testimonial
    I worked directly with Amanda when she was an Account Manager and always admired how calm and professional she was to her co-workers and her clients in any situation. It was definitely a pleasure to work beside Amanda with her outgoing and pleasant personality. In her Marketing position, she was able to show her talent for creation and her “out of the box” thinking. She brought her innovative ideas to life and was a great success.
    Deborah Brown
    Director of Client Services at Abso

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