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6 Steps That Make Social Selling Easy (Not Sleazy!)

June 14, 2022

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Discover How Coaches, Consultants, And Course Creators Close Clients With Social Media


Welcome to social media: the place to be for client acquisition. 

It’s no secret that social is the key player in the marketing game. Businesses in every industry use social media strategies to sell themselves to potential leads and existing customers alike. 

It’s like the jack-of-all-trades of promotion. After all, it combines the personal touch of phone outreach, the scalability of email, and the networking opportunities of public events . . . all in one platform. 

Once you unlock the ability to effectively sell on social media, it becomes an easy, repeatable process that brings in clients (consistently and automatically). 

But what if you have no idea how to sell on social? 

I’ve put together six easy steps to successful selling on social media. And they don’t require endless effort or high-pressure sales tactics.


Social Selling 101: 6 Steps to Becoming Successful 


1. Promoting on the right platforms

As the founder of a social media marketing agency that brings coaching, consulting, and course creation businesses to the next level, I’m constantly being asked: 

“What social platforms should I sell on?”

The bad news – there isn’t one right answer. It really depends on who you are, what you sell, and who your audience is (think: where do they spend their time?). 

The good news? Each platform has pros and cons that can inform your selling strategy. 

Facebook: Any business, especially B2C, can benefit from Facebook. Between business pages, groups, and the most powerful ad platform on the market, you’ll never run out of ways to promote yourself. 

LinkedIn: The ultimate in B2B selling and networking for professionals. 

Instagram: Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a powerhouse selling platform for young consumer audiences and visual-heavy brands (like clothing retailers or foodie bloggers). 

Twitter: Looking to engage with new people and get customers talking about you? Twitter is where it’s at. 


2. Maintaining a successful mindset

The biggest roadblock for social media newbies? Imposter syndrome. It’s so easy to feel like you’re posting something “wrong” or annoying your followers. 

Approach selling on social media with a success mindset, instead. Remember that you’re an expert who knows what they’re doing – otherwise, you wouldn’t be selling in the first place! 

You’re on social to provide value and expertise to people that want what you offer. You’re not needy – you’re a helpful guide offering a solution to a troublesome problem. Keep this in mind when crafting posts and your followers will thank you.


3. Leveraging groups

Look for Facebook or LinkedIn groups where potential clients spend time and share information. Then, post original content in these groups to establish yourself as an expert. 

Remember to add value to each post to avoid irritating group members (or getting banned outright!). Resist the urge to share a spammy sales pitch. Instead, provide knowledge and answers to burning questions. 


4. Posting something every day

I get it. It’s tough to commit to posting every single day. But consistency is key if you want to stay top of mind for your followers! 

Scheduling content in advance is a great way to ease overwhelm. And don’t be afraid to mix it up: experiment with different post formats or messages. 

Make sure you’re providing value or expertise in most of your posts. There’s nothing worse than a company or business owner that can’t stop talking about themselves – so limit “hard offer” posts to once or twice a week. 


5. Keeping it social

It’s called social media for a reason. It’s not enough to post and ghost – you need to interact and engage with anyone who responds to your business. 

Reply to comments (yes, all of them!), invite users to like your page, and always keep it genuine. 


6. Taking it further with DMs

As a business, you can reach out and sell to people directly on social media. You just have to avoid sleazy sales messages. 

Only reach out to potential clients who seem interested. Keep the conversation light by giving them a compliment or asking an open-ended question that will generate a response. 

If and when it feels appropriate, gently ask if they’d like to sign up for a call where you can help them with their problem even further. 


The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling

It doesn’t matter what you offer – if you want to sell anything online, you must use social media. 

Every post that doesn’t leverage social selling strategies is a missed opportunity to reach new clients and grow your business.

Want extra inspiration on generating more leads and closing killer sales on social media . . . without wasting hours Googling things like “how to post on social?”

My FREE Social Selling Workbook dives into the nitty-gritty details of these six strategies (and so much more!). 

Grab everything you need to make successful sales on social, including clickable content ideas and my tips for building an expert mindset here.



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